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March 16-25, 2013  


Join SOA WATCH Founder Fr. Roy Bourgeois, and SOAW Latin America Liaison Lisa Sullivan in

        Commemorating of the martyrdom of Monsenor Oscar Romero

        Participating in efforts of Citizen Diplomacy by asking the government El Salvador to withdraw from the SOA

        Learning about the achievements and challenges of the FMLN government 

El Salvador is a tiny nation that has experienced enormous suffering. Yet, it has also been a light of inspiration to the world,  It is both a tragic example of the horrific legacy of US militarism, and an effective model of transforming a grassroots resistance movement  into a successful democratic political party.

The SOA WATCH movement was born from inspiration from the martyrs of El Salvador. The assassinations - at the hands of SOA graduates - of Monseñor Oscar Romero, four US churchwomen and six Jesuit priests and their aides, led Fr. Roy Bourgeois to launch his tireless struggle to close the School of the Americas thirty years ago.  

In recent years SOA WATCH has launched an initiative of Citizen Diplomacy, leading to the withdrawal of six nations from the SOA, bringing the doors of the SOA closer to closing. Join us in asking the government of El Salvador to follow the example of dignity and sovereignty set by their neighbors. Over 70,000 people lost their lives in the 1980's conflicts, many at the orders of SOA graduates. 

Delegation Fee

The delegation fee of $1450 covers all meals, lodging (double occupancy), travel within the country and translation. It does not cover travel to and from San Salvador.   


Information and application

Contact Lisa Sullivan at:
or call Mary Anne Perrone at 734- 996 -9390